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This link to the youtube video WallyBakStory 'A basic introduction to the life of a Laryngectomee' Wally Bak, Laryngectomy, patient story was received back in May 28, 2018. If you haven't already seen it, watch it. It's by Western Sydney Health.
JohnCzadrik John Czadrik's laryngectomy operation, at RPA Sydney,
screened on TV Channel 9 is available for viewing on some browsers.
Medical Animation of a Laryngectomy, Surgical Voice Restoration, was available on YouTube but by Feb 2020 has been made private. An extract is available. Link to be added later.(26 Feb 2020)

Robert Manne with Geraldine Doogue on ABC/RN Saturday Extra Saturday 24th March

La Trobe's Emeritus professor of politics, Robert Manne had his larynx removed after throat cancer. But that's not keeping him from contributing to the national discourse. After having his larynx removed, Professor of politics, Robert Manne believed his contribution in public discussions about the nation and international affairs, was over. He was contented though with continuing his writing. Robert is the author of several books, with the latest On Borrowed Time, and is a regular contributor to The Monthly and The Guardian and has written three Quarterly Essays. But, Robert is back in the public domain talking to Geraldine Doogue about finding his voice again and the current Australian political situation.
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MikeGeorge A ‘Lary’ was on Melbourne 3AW Neil Mitchell Radio program (Mon 26 Feb) to discuss the lack of funding for essential equipment for patients following a laryngectomy in Victoria. Throat cancer survivor Mike George tells Neil about patients' silent suffering.
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Additionally, Mike George and Darron O'Connor appeared on WIN News Gippsland in mid March 'Tragedy & Triumph': Throat cancer survivors have shared their daily battle of living without a larynx. The men have banded together after overcoming life-saving surgery, hoping their story will give other survivors a new voice.
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Watch the Singing Cowboy's anti-smoking video
"You don't always die from tobacco"

For more information on the Singing Cowboy click here to read the pdf

Communication after laryngectomy


A video about communication, specifically after total laryngectomy (surgical removal of the larynx). This video also highlights good communication skills and can be used in training for anyone working with the public. Produced by the South East Coast Laryngectomy groups: YakityYak in Brighton and Necks Best in Eastbourne / Hastings.