Price Gouging by Australian Medical Suppliers ...
aided by hidden pricing and geoblocking by some US suppliers
(in particular, of laryngectomee supplies).  (Show)

When using the internet to purchase medical supplies, it is not immediately apparent to an Australian resident that prices from Australian medical suppliers are from two to three and a half times the prices of exactly the same items from US suppliers...

A laryngectomee wishing to purchase an Electrolarynx speech aid  (Show)

is asked to pay a minimum of A$650 in Australia but can purchase the same item in the US for US$199...

You can, quite simply, Purchase medical supplies from the US online...  (Show)

an example purchase in the US using an Australian agent and paying over the counter through an Australian Bank (no complications with credit cards or PayPal):

Clicking the following links will supply a supplier's response and pricing comparisions:

An Australian supplier's ( Main Medical) emailed response to a first draft of this article
and the author's response.

The concluding paragraph contains "I would also hope there is some level of trust in our relationship that both sides are operating with integrity and in the best interest of the Australian Laryngectomy community."
It is difficult to see that hidden pricing and overly large margins are consistent with this. A fundamental aspect of trust in a relationship is the need for honesty and transparency.

Additional points raised at the June meeting addressed by Michael Schaffler are discussed here also.
The July meeting was addressed by an LMA PacMed representative but was a purely technical address by a nurse who was not in a position to discuss pricing aspects of their business.

Electrolarynx (speech aid for a laryngectomee) Price tables and supporting references.

A Comment by the author  (Show)

My aim is: first, to inform the wider community of the hidden differential pricing and the claimed justification of hidden cross-subsidisation of services via inflated pricing; second, to inform the wider membership re alternative sources and methods to access them via the internet in order to introduce effective competition.